General Spectator and Competitor Info

Spectator Tickets & Seating: General Admission (GA), Reserved Seating (RS), VIP, & SVIP

All seating is GA during the daytime eliminations on Friday and Saturday and the Night of Victory ISKA Youth Under-Black Belt World Championships on Friday night in the Coronado Ballroom. All seating at the Saturday Night of Champions ISKA World Black Belt Championships is Reserved Seating (RS), other than a small GA section partitioned at the back of the B-side.

If you are a registered competitor your wristband will serve as your GA ticket for the eliminations and the Night of Victoryon Friday night. You may also use it for access to the GA area at the Saturday Night of Champions, or you may exchange it at any time at the Sales counter for a reserved seat with a full $40 in credit towards your RS, which are priced at $45 and above. If you are a spectator who is holding a GA ticket, you may also exchange it for full credit towards a reserved seat at anytime at the Sales counter. As reserved seating is always sold out by Saturday afternoon or earlier, we recommend you make your exchange from GA to a RS as early as possible after arriving on-site

Wristbands and Confirmation Pages and Exchange Values

You must always have a wristband on to get into any area of the US Open. If you have advance-registered to compete or officiate, or have advance-purchased a GA or RS ticket, you will receive a wristband upon your arrival. The Confirmation Receipt you printed out when you registered to compete or purchased your GA or RS seats online should still be kept with you; your Confirmation Receipt will serve as your ticket for the specific reserved seat you purchased for the Night of Champions. When you get your wristband, please put it on right away and do not remove it for the entire US Open weekend (unless you remove it at the direction and in the presence of the sales staff to trade it in on a ticket upgrade). Wristbands that are not on a wrist have no value and may not be used for entry or upgrade. No one will be allowed entry without a wristband on their wrist. Lost or broken wristbands cannot be replaced without paying again. Wristbands are color-coded as follows:

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