The Paul Mitchell Experience

Paul Mitchell

The Paul Mitchell Experience

Take advantage of a rare opportunity to train with all the active members of Team Paul Mitchell, the longest-running and most prestigious team in the sport! Our world class athletes will be sharing their knowledge about all aspects of forms, weapons, and sparring competition. The seminar is designed for all ages and skill levels. Everyone will learn something new and take their game to another level!

  • Point Sparring with Coach Damon Gilbert and Sebastian Villanueva
  • Bo with Jake Presley, Averi Presley, Ben Jones, and Esteban Tremblay
  • Kama with Alex Mancillas and Haley Glass
  • Sword with Dawson Holt
  • Chux with Sammy Smith and Isabella Nicoli
  • Performance Workshop with Samuel Diaz III
  • Point Sparring with Coach Damon Gilbert, Alex Mancillas, and Sebastian Villanueva
  • CMX Forms and Tricking with Haley Glass, Dawson Holt, Ben Jones, Averi Presley, Jake Presley, Sammy Smith, and Esteban Tremblay
  • Traditional Kata with Samuel Diaz III and Isabella Nicoli

Choose this option to enjoy both sessions. Best deal of the year!